At Cake It Up, our kid’s parties are engaging, fun and offer the chance for creative expression in an inspiring and educational environment.


CUPCAKE DECORATING PARTIES – This party is designed to provide each guest with the opportunity to create their very own unique and edible pieces of cupcake art to take home, show off and of course EAT! They will learn how to use fondant, ejector cutters, rolling pins, embossers and more. They will take home 6 cupcakes each, the ultimate in creative expression!


2D FONDANT MOULDING PARTIES – This party is twist on our classic cupcake decorating party. Guests will learn how to use our awesome 2D silicon molds with fondant, using our powder puffs, molds, rolling pins and other tools to turn out their 2D shape, the look on the kids faces when they turn out their first 2D shape is priceless. Party guests will take home 6 cupcakes each in their very own window cupcake box (for kids aged 8+ only).



CREATIVE HIGH TEA PARTIESThis party is designed for the creative kids that like to make things in the kitchen. In the first half of this party, guests will make 6 individual hand made treats each guided by our party host, but individual creativity is encouraged to create their own version of what we are making. The Second half of this party is where our guests get to to sit, eat and enjoy the spoils of their individual treats. Instead of tea we serve our Dream Fizz Punch made by the kids themselves, what a party celebration this is!




Come to us, party in our creative studio located in the Sutherland Shire, we host your entire party from start to finish!


We bring the party entertainment to you!

We cater for groups aged from 5 years old and the parties are perfect for both boys and girls.

Our parties inspire and evoke creativity regardless of skill level and we ensure no child gets left out.  Our professional hosts will instruct and guide your guests to ensure they all leave with big smiles on their faces from their very own creations.

Party Prices


10 party guests (minimum)
$39 per head


11-20 party guests
$38 per head


21+ party guests
$37 per head

How it works

Cupcake decorating parties are a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s party.
Our parties are perfect for both boys and girls who love being mini masterchefs!!

Each party has an experienced party host and we spend 1.5 hours facilitating with a structured lesson plan.

The party starts with each child being allocated their very own personal tool kit for the day and then receiving 6 freshly baked cupcakes to decorate using frosting with coloured fondant and hundreds of cutters and shapes.

Party guests are guided by the hosts who will be giving a live demonstration of each technique, step-by-step as they go along so no one will be left behind.

Download our party schedule here:

Cupcake Party Schedule – in Studio

Cupcake Party Schedule – at home



We provide everything you need for the party –

  •  Free pdf invitation template to send to your guests
  •  all materials, supplies & tools for each guest to individually decorate with with their own creative flare
  •  Use of their own individual decorating tool kit for the day
  • exclusive use of our studio for your party (studio party only)
  •  Special present for the birthday child
  •  1.5 hours facilitation by highly experienced party host to make the party seamless and fun – ensuring no guest is left out!
  • full set up & pack up
  • individual retro snack baskets for each guest including chips, popcorn, lollies, snacks, juice & water (studio parties only)


*please note we charge a small additional service fee for travel outside of the Sutherland Shire

*a surcharge applies for parties held on Sundays or public holidays.


“The kids loved your cupcake party!
Thanks for organising everything and making the whole process so easy.”


We don’t just do kids parties!

Who said the kids get to have all the fun?! We do cupcake decorating parties for adults too!  

Our cupcake decorating parties are perfect for children’s birthday parties, but we can also cater for baby showers, kitchen teas, hens nights, private lessons or an afternoon get together with friends.


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The Cake It Up mission is simple:

“to provide parents a stress free, all-inclusive solution, while creating fun & engaging parties.”
We strive to provide unmatched service and unique experience. We assure your party with us will be a memorable one, made simply through our commitment to meet your expectations.

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